Wise Woman Wellness is born from my desire to offer pregnant women a complement to the medical care that’s currently available. The traditional ways that women were supported and celebrated during pregnancy are disappearing in our overly-medicalized culture. My clients come to me feeling disillusioned, unseen, overwhelmed, and full of desire for something different. I believe that it’s possible for pregnancy and childbirth to be not only safe, but also a growth experience, an ecstatic awakening, and deeply connecting for mother, baby, and partner. The program I offer, Your Ecstatic Pregnancy, supports mothers’ physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual well-being in a way that far exceeds what they previously imagined.

Who I Work With

I work with pregnant mothers who want more power, connection, and magic in their pregnancy and childbirth. We begin work together wherever they are in their pregnancy, and continue until one month after birth.

We’re likely a good fit if you experience any of the following:

  • You shudder at how cold, sterile, and impersonal medical care can be
  • You feel confused and overwhelmed by the different opinions and information you’re receiving
  • You feel under-supported emotionally, physically, relationally, and/or spiritually
  • You’re experiencing fatigue, pain, fear, and/or stress during pregnancy

And if you want…

  • A powerful, connected, and magical pregnancy and childbirth
  • A guide and supporter on your journey who has an eye on the overall wellness of you and your baby
  • A pleasurable, sexy pregnancy and childbirth
  • To feel alive in your body and connected to your baby
  • A relationship with your partner that gets better, rather than worse, during your pregnancy
  • To utilize this peak life experience as a way to grow and awaken

What I Offer – Your Ecstatic Pregnancy

The program I offer, Your Ecstatic Pregnancy, complements the mother’s primary medical provider, and addresses her physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual well-being so she feels powerful, alive, and deeply connected to her baby.